samedi 30 août 2014

writing book reviews

Do you like to read and consider yourself a writer right? You might be interested in learning how to writing book reviews 

There are a lot of freelance work,writing book reviews  and you might be able to make some money doing it. Here are some tips on a basic format of book review.

• You need to do some research and read other book reviews. Especially in the genre you are interested in reading. Places for study examples of free books are,

• Look in the publications that hire freelance writers. Read their comments and requirements of specific guidelines. Some publications have very specific requirements, eg only accept criticisms that are 300 words or less.

• Choose a book in the genre that you want to review. It is best to stay away from bestsellers, because they are generally reviewed. Try something new and author or what is not as well known.

• Be sure to take notes while reading your book. You want to take notes on style, characters and character development, and what you like or dislike the book. One trick that I use regularly is sticky tabs, I put them in my books to remember the key points (as I do not like dogs ears or writing book reviews  in my books).

• Practice, practice, practice! Write a review of practice. Remember to keep all your opinions about the book and author. Do not use first person, readers and major publications do not know who you are and do not worry.

• You want a list of all the facts first. Title, author, date of publication, pages, price the kind of book (romance paranormal, science fiction), etc ...

• You want to attract the reader's attention can be a good quote from the book. Also give all the information, is that part of the book in a series? Is this the first of the author or 10th book?

• Provide a summary of the book, be brief about 1-2 paragraphs. Explain what happens without revealing spoilers. Make sure that the reader has a good idea of what the book is about.

• Give your review. Tell your readers what you thought about the book, but not sure the first person. A good example is the following: "The author has succeeded in creating a truly action-packed adventure that holds your attention until the end."

• Review your opinion, make sure you have no mistakes through review and proofread your work, it is best to have someone else read your work.

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