jeudi 2 octobre 2014

Creative Writing Ideas - 7 Secrets To An Endless Flow Of Creative Writing Ideas

Creative Writing Ideas

As a copywriter, ideas are the starting point for everything you write. Sometimes they come easy and sometimes they seem to dry up completely. But there are plenty of ways you can get more ideas for creative writing. Here are 7 of the best secrets for endless ideas for your writing:

1 believe you are a channel for great ideas without end. Having a flow of good ideas begin to believe that you can have that flow. Imagine you're standing in a storm and rain pouring down all around you, dip you to the bone. Now imagine every drop of water is an idea. If you believe that ideas are always flowing down, you'll be able to immerse yourself in whenever you like!

2 Use an Ideas Journal. This is the secret key for all the ideas of creative writing you need. Get a laptop simple pocket and take it with you wherever you go. Once you have an idea, write it down, and then continue with what you were doing. The more you use your Ideas Journal, other ideas will flow to you.

3 Go with the natural energy idea. Often we will try to fit an idea into a framework that we already have, forcing it into a form, it is not meant to be, and end up frustrated and feeling like we never have useful ideas. Instead, find an idea that you're excited about and build around it. Let it evolve naturally rather than forcing them to be something it is not.

4 experiment with ideas of cross-pollination. An effective way to generate new ideas is to raise the ones you have. Take two seemingly unrelated ideas and ask, "How could they be related? How can they complement each other? "Often, just the contrast between the two is enough to generate new ideas that you might otherwise not have come up with.

5 Plot ideas on mind maps. Mind maps are just a visual image of how the ideas and associations are formed in your mind. Start by writing a word or phrase in a circle at the center of a large sheet of paper. Then write the words and ideas connected to the various arms coming out of the central idea. Then do the same for each of these new ideas. Continue as long as you want to generate dozens of potential new writing ideas.

6 Observe your natural idea highs. Notice when, where and in what circumstances you most ideas. Maybe you tend to feel more creative late at night or early morning? Maybe there are some places where ideas seem to flow more freely? How can you recreate these conditions high point of natural idea most often?

7 Read as much as possible. The more you expose yourself to a wide range of different handwriting, the easier it will boost your own writing ideas. You can watch on two levels. First the content - that writing is actually on. Second, techniques and structure - how the author engages you and how they make you feel. Take these ideas on board and adapt for use in your own creative writing.

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