samedi 30 août 2014

How To Write Books ???

writing books

writing books is never easy. But there are some things you can do to make it easier to write books.

Here are 5 tips to make it easier to write books.

1 have a target drive. It seems that the extra work and worse, it seems silly, but it really makes the job easier. Imagine your first drive. Build a complete picture of your target drive. Even give it a name. The question is whether your drive so that you know what their problem is with regard to your topic. What are they afraid of? What motivates them? A little effort up front will help keep you on track.

2 Plan your book before you write it. There are many different types of books, e-books to textbooks. Life is hard enough without knowing where you are going with your book. So plan your book to meet the needs of your target reader. Do they prefer a short eBook? Or a popular book? Or do they need a manual or handbook? Or (shudder), a workbook. Each is a different length and style. Each requires different elements. writing books once and then find that you have chosen the wrong and the need to write it on a royal pain.

3 framework in detail. This may sound silly but it's true. We can not look ahead and write simultaneously. At least not well. You work much, much faster if you know exactly what you are about to write the next paragraph on. In addition, you will not spend nearly as much time getting lost and wondering what you're writing the next topic.

4 Using a structured cognitive tool to create your plan. The mind does many things well. It can store large amounts of information. It can create links between concepts and themes. It can identify patterns and form new concepts. The only thing it does not do well is sequential function. That is why you must use a cognitive tool. An outline is inherently a sequential list. A cognitive tool will help you get the information in your mind - with links and patterns - and put them in a rational structure. A structured cognitive tool will help put them in a sequence and structure appropriate for the type of book you will produce.

5.writing books this your structural issue before writing. A structural validation checks that the ideas presented are in a rational structure. It also verifies that the arguments and ideas of sense. You do not need to wait until the book is written for it. If you have described in detail at paragraph you can do almost all of your structural editing before you've written a word. And frankly it's the best time. After you've written the book, considerable changes are difficult and involve a massive rewrite. However, if you modify the schema, at best, it involves moving some reminders about the topic on the page. If using a cognitive tool, it may not even be that hard.

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