samedi 4 octobre 2014

Writing Fonts - Bring Warmth Back To Your Digital Communication

Today much of what we do is digital, everything is designed to be fast and efficient. The problem is that all communication becomes very impersonal. The fine art of writing by hand more simply does not exist. Our Word documents and our emails no longer have the same charm, warmth and personality as a letter that is written by hand. Even if we had the time and inclination to write all of our correspondence to our loved ones, it is not always possible. They could be traveling or not at a fixed address.

You might have some bonus handwriting fonts you use, but do you have your own personal handwriting font? Did you know that you can convert your handwriting into a font on the internet? The process is simple. In general, you are prompted to download sample grid in which you write all the letters of the alphabet and whatever symbols you want. You can then scan and upload them and that's it. You are able to download a font of your handwriting. I can not tell you how rewarding it is to see your handwriting as a font! You can then use it to make invitations, cards, letters!

Some sites even allow you to send realistic looking handwritten to electronic mailbox letters using your own typeface. Although it is obviously better to actually write a letter this is a great second best option, especially if you only have one email address and homeless. How it works is that the receiver receives an image of an envelope in their inbox which then binds to the letter. You can choose from a selection of different papers, different pen colors and whether to have lined paper or not.

So if you are bored of digital go out and make your communication more personal, you will not regret it!

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